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The Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Professional Sound and Visual Division (Pioneer DJ) made another strong showing at the 2014 Winter Music Conference (WMC) 29th AnnualInternational Dance Music Awards (IDMA) held on March 27th, winning a total of seven prestigious “Best” Awards:

- Best Manufacturer of the Year: Pioneer DJ
- Best New Product of the Year: DDJ-SX controller
- Best Controller: DDJ-SX controller
- Best Studio Product: RMX-1000 Remix Station
- Best DJ Mixer: DJM-900NXS
- Best Media Player: CDJ-2000NXS
- Best Headphones: HDJ-2000

The IDMA highlight Pioneer’s technological contributions to the DJ industry and its commitment to bringing the best product offerings and entertainment experiences to the DJ community.

WMC is one of the most anticipated annual events on the global music calendar, attracting thousands of DJs, producers and music industry professionals from over 70 countries. More than 100,000 attendees take part in the week-long annual music event held in Miami, Florida. WMC’s IDMA is the only longstanding awards event dedicated to the electronic and dance music industry, highlighting innovative artists, products and technologies from the previous year.

More than two million votes were cast from music enthusiasts in 209 countries and territories to recognize the most innovative and elite artists, DJs, producers, equipment, manufacturers and labels in the business in 57 award categories. Pioneer was honored in the following categories at the 29th Annual IDMA:

  • Best Manufacturer of the Year: Pioneer DJ - For an impressive 7th year in a row, Pioneer was honored for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the industry, winning IDMA’s coveted Best Manufacturer of the Year award.

  • Best New Product of the Year and Best Controller: DDJ-SX - Pioneer’s DDJ-SX DJ controller utilizes Serato® software as the basis for its control layout and ergonomic design, taking advantage of the software’s features and integrating special trigger pads and controls. Pioneer has also implemented larger jog wheels for precise mixing and scratching, multiple inputs for expandability, and 4-channel mixing flexibility.

  • Best Studio Product: RMX-1000 - The RMX-1000 is designed to give users the ability to create and add a variety of new and unique remix effects, as well as rhythmic sampling capabilities to enhance overall DJ performances. The RMX-1000 incorporates four remixing functions: Isolate FX, Scene FX, X-Pad FX and Release FX for simple musical arrangements with intuitive control.

  • Best DJ Mixer: DJM-900NXS - The high performance digital mixer is designed for today’s professional DJ and is an ideal complement to Pioneer’s CDJ line of players. The DJM-900NXS offers a multitude of features including more effects options (six types of Sound Color FX and 13 types of Beat Effects), Pro DJ Link, MIDI control capability and excellent sound quality.

  • Best CD Player: CDJ-2000NXS - The highly esteemed CDJ-2000NXS multi-format digital media player has won IDMA’s Best CD Player award four years in a row and features the highest level of mixing and scratching capabilities through proprietary technologies such as rekordbox® music management and Pro DJ Link, as well as a 6.1” full color LCD panel, Needle Search, and USB and SD card connectivity.

  • Best Headphones: HDJ-2000 - Pioneer’s flagship HDJ-2000 headphones are known for excellent sound quality, comfort and durability. To achieve exceptional sound quality, the headphone feature 38μm (micrometer) diaphragms to deliver more bass, large 50mm drivers, and rolled voice coils for linear output from bass to treble.

PIONEER is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation.
SERATO is a registered trademark of Serato Audio Research Limited.

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